Christ Bible Institute seeks to equip Christians in Japan for the work of gospel ministry, so that the gospel of the glory of Christ might be cherished and proclaimed throughout Japan.

CBI’s mission is to instigate a gospel movement that will create a ripple effect throughout Japan. Though the nation of Japan is one of the greatest mission challenges of the world—less than 0.5 % Christian—there continue to be seeds of revival. The ministries of CBI are uniquely situated to come alongside the Japanese Church to continue to sow such seeds, that God’s kingdom may come in Japan.

CBI Team

The CBI team is made up of Japanese staff and self-supported missionaries from various sending organizations.

Visit the CBI website to learn more about our team and how you can get involved!

CBI's ministries include...

Christ Bible Seminary


An Evangelical Seminary in the Reformed Tradition

Christ Bible Seminary  offers five academic programs, each of which is unique and designed to provide high-quality theological education.

CBS is an independent, evangelical seminary within the Reformed tradition. As such, all resident faculty members subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. CBS is an associate member of the Asia Theological Association.

To learn more, visit the CBS website.


Church Planting & Revitalization

The Joy of Japan Center (JOJC) offers practical instruction and resources for those interested in church planting and development. Classes are taught in conjunction with Christ Bible Seminary which allows participants to gain seminary credit for the training if they so desire.

To learn more, visit the Joy of Japan website.

Joy of Japan Center
CBI Counseling

CBI Counseling

Helping the Church in Japan Shine Brightly

With the goal of encouraging a gospel movement for the growth and multiplication of the church in Japan, CBI Counseling focuses on three primary areas: Training, Resources, and Counseling.

To learn more, visit the CBI Counseling website.

CBI Media

Gospel-centered media

CBI Media is a web-ministry that creates, translates, and distributes a variety of resources designed to equip Japanese Christians to engage in gospel ministry and live faithfully in their daily Christian lives.

To learn more, visit the CBI Media website.

CBI Media


Strategic gospel publishing

CBI Press is a publishing ministry that translates and distributes key books in Japanese. CBI Press began in 2015 with the publication of the Japanese translation of John Piper’s The Supremacy of God in Preaching. Over the next several years, CBI Press translated and published several more books including Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp and Caring for One Another by Ed Welch.

In 2023, CBI Press became part of 一般社団法人 CBI (Ippan Shadan Hōjin CBI), a new general non-profit corporation, established to explore new ministry possibilities.

To learn more visit the CBI Press website (Japanese only) or, to see the list of CBI Press publications, visit the CBI Press page on the CBI Media website.

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