The Chiba Academics and Outreach Team is made up of missionaries serving primarily in Christian education, outreach through English conversation classes, and church planting and development.

Covenant Community School International (CCSI) is a bilingual, international Christian school operated through our team. CCSI currently has about 50 students, elementary through high school, with both English and Japanese language tracks. CCSI helps support missionaries on the field by providing affordable, gospel-centered Christian education to children of missionaries and other internationals, as well as supporting the growth of the church in Japan through helping to educate and disciple the next generation of church members and leaders.

Open House English is an outreach ministry that uses conversational English education classes to make contacts, share the Gospel, and get people connected to our partner churches. Each class offered consists of an hour English lesson, followed by a 30-minute evangelistic Bible study. Japanese church members will often join these classes in order to build relationships with their fellow students and witness to them outside of the class time. We also offer a children's Afterschool English program that uses music and interactive learning to teach English and plant seeds for the Gospel.

The third major area where our team works is in partnership with Oyumino Christ Church, a church planted by Mission to the World missionaries about 30 years ago. Oyumino Church is a Japanese lead multi-site church with four Japanese congregations, and one bilingual, international congregation called Alive International.

We are also in the early stages of planting a daughter church of Alive International in an area called Soga, which is in the central ward of Chiba City. Chiba City has around 1 million people in it, which is about the same size as Austin, TX, Jacksonville, FL, or Charlotte, NC and there are only a handful of healthy churches, most of them with around 30-40 people in attendance.


CCSI exists to glorify God by serving families and students. We seek to help parents teach their children what it means to be a Christian in the world, and to help students develop the mind and talents the Lord has given them. We are an outward-facing community, brought together by God’s abundant grace to us.

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OPEN HOUSE English &


Conversational English with native speakers


A bilingual congregation of Oyumino Christ Church