Kaihin Makuhari Grace Church in Chiba, Japan, just outside Tokyo, was planted in 1999 and is the only church in a dense neighborhood of about 23,000 people. 

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Kaihin Makuhari is a train station 38 minutes from Tokyo's center. Surrounded by a business district, recreational center, university, and residential area. Located in Mihama Ward, it is a 150,000 person city with twice the need for churches than Tokyo (Tokyo @ 14,500 people per Protestant church vs. Mihama Ward @ 29,650 people per Protestant church).

BAY-TOWN is the original residential area of Kaihin Makuhari that is a small, dense 25,000-person neighborhood of apartment complexes. It also has the highest density of children and young families in Mihama Ward. BAY-PARK is a new neighborhood being developed right next to BAY-TOWN. Over the next 10 years, six high rises will be built attracting approximately 10,000 people, that is 35,000 people within a 15-20 minute walk.

Kaihin Makuhari Grace Church (KMGC) is one of five Protestant churches in Mihama Ward and the only church serving this potential 35,000 person neighborhood. Our Mission to the World team hopes to partner with KMGC to address the following needs:

1. Start New Congregation

Start bilingual afternoon service to reach new BAY-PARK neighborhood.

2. Grow Existing Congregation

Grow the church so that it matures as a congregation and reaches more people in BAY-TOWN.

3. Start Campus Ministry

Begin church-based campus (high school/university) ministry to evangelize and train the younger generation.

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