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Urayasu City was once a small fishing village on Tokyo Bay. A coastal land-reclamation project expanded its area four-fold, bringing rapid growth and an influx of young people and families. It is now most famous as being the home of Tokyo Disney.

When a Mission to the World team moved into the Shin Urayasu target area, there was no church in this new community—not surprising in a country where only 0.3 percent of the population identify as evangelical Christians. With God’s help, things are beginning to change.

Shin Urayasu Grace Church had its first worship service in 2012, and the team continues to build the church through Bible studies, outreach events, children’s

programs, and community service. Our prayer is that Shin Urayasu Grace

Church will become the first of many, and from within that network of

churches young Japanese church planters can be identified, trained, and

sent out.